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Conditions are building for a perfect storm in business in Australia, although some risk exists. Conditions favoring small business at the moment are:

  • Lowest interest rates ever business has possibly the lowest rates in a very long term making loans easier to pay back. The RBA cash rate is 1.5 % it was 6.5% in 2000.
  • Coalition government looking more stable tax cuts for companies are on the agenda and the Senate is showing signs of working with the Government. A double dissolution has the senate on edge knowing that Turnbull doesn’t need his job in parliament as he has more money than most of them.
  • Low property prices outside major cities while the cities have risen lots of regional areas haven’t risen in 10 years and rises have mainly been in bigger cities. It’s been a patchy rise in asset values meaning some area are undervalued relative to others.
  • British and American economies reevaluating positions great opportunity to reevaluate opportunities as all bets are off with previous trading partners. Britain will be looking to Australia to trade with. USA will look to trade outside it traditional partners and this will present opportunity for smart operators.
  • Some level of risk still exists but as is always the case, it’s possible we could have another quarter of negative growth, however this would just put more pressure on the senate to pass the company’s tax cuts.
  • The country well set for growth at low interest rates. Traditionally we have had growth at 3% pa with much higher interest rates.
  • Small business is well placed to if the right opportunity come along, make sure you use a taxassist accountant.By Terry Murphy 25/12/16 call into your closest Taxassist accountants office to see an accountant for more specific details.