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Tax laws favour two things in Australia:

  • Dividend Imputation and
  • Negative gearing

Negative gearing is best applied to real estate so you have both working for you that is tax benefits and real property growth.
It’s often said real estate doubles every 10 years but of course this is a generalization.

This is why you shouldn’t put money in the bank at bank interest rates, it’s such a poor return on investment and allows the banks to book in massive profits each year.

Negative gearing is especially beneficial on newer property where you can deduct the cost of the purchase as well over 40 years.
In addition to this is that capital gains are only taxed at 50%.

The only real danger in this strategy is picking a property in a mining area or an area that’s very overcrowded you may book a loss.

Negative gearing gives you a benefit of any losses on property being deducted at your marginal tax rates so favour people on salaries over $85,000. However anyone on $40,000 or more will benefit.

Finally it’s important your first property pick is right and you have patience to wait for good returns.

With Swan, Turnbull, Morrison and Shorten all wanting negative gearing wound back its clear what Treasury wants, all the money and you to have none .What better incentive.

By Terry Murphy Simple Economics 1/9/16