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I thought I would give everyone an update on Politics as i have seen a lot of articles on Australian politics to be honest with little substance and high in emotion.
Firstly I have always followed Politics having done it at University so I’m well-read and ran a radio show on the subject for 3 years.

I thought it was time to cover some important issues.

Firstly Turnbulls decision to call a Double Dissolution was smart as it did two things about 5 of the cross bench lost there senate seats and it put the remainder on notice.
Remember Turnbull is rich in his own right and doesn’t need a job so the cooperation from One Nation and Nick X is no coincidence.

Secondly Turnbull performance has been about as good as the senate will allow, he could have done better but not with the senate.
Secondly we have a spending problem that a lot of the public have become reliant on and this is compounded by having a treasurer who is fairly inept. Labour to its credit when Hawke won had a similar problem and Walsh and Hawke cut deep. Today these sort of characters don’t exist as most politicians are career ones who need a job.

Thirdly the debate is Australia is poor and many Journalist are uneducated properly. Debates such as Hawke raised and Jay Wetherill has put about using Australia as a Uranium deposit aren’t properly put in the media, they deserve proper discussion. It makes no sense that the Greens will oppose this and coal, you can’t be against everything.

As the world and the USA ponder the value of Globalisation we need a media who puts out all sides and a government with Fortitude to listen. Will that be Turnbull it might be.